VMworld 2010 is over… So?

As you know VMworld 2010 is all over, they are ripping doing the signs in the Mascone Center.  The hotels are emptying out of the geeks, nerds and technology enthusiasts, and promptly refilling with vacationing Labor Day weekend get-a-ways.  So what was learned in this 4 day conference where VMware took center stage and did a dance in the spot light?  Well…

  • VMware View 4.5 was released
  • VMware ThinApp 4.6 was announced
  • VMware vCloud Director (the marketing team really likes that lower case v)

But more surprisingly is what was not released announced or even talked about… Yet was in their booth with product experts?!?  I am referring to Virtual Configuration Manager (VCM for short) or maybe you remember it as a part of the EMC IONIX product line called Server Configuration Manager (SCM) or maybe it was the original product Enterprise Configuration Manager (ECM) written by Configuresoft.  But why wouldn’t VMware put this up on the center stage and parade it around?  Possibly it isn’t ready for the spotlight.

Well what ever the reason being here is why they should have put it up there:

  • vSphere 4.1 is the last release with the Shavlik VMware Update Manager release, so what is going to replace it?  VCM of course
  • vSphere 4.0 beta was rumored to be testing a VM and Host level configuration manager tool, but when GA rolled around it was axed from the product and we were left with a cut down build called ‘Host Profiles’
  • vSphere 4.x has a gapping hole in the product line around reporting and historical trending… Think data space trending…  (Sure Cap IQ can do that, but only after you install it (no historical information))

So whenever VMware gets around to announcing this huge acquisition that it got from EMC and what it plans to do with the technology mother load that it is sitting on, I will be there with ears tuned in.  Until then what is the hang up?  SCVMM (Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager) is just trying to take that market that VMware appears to be letting slip away.

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