Changing the auto generated passwords in vCloud

In VMware’s vCloud Director, when a VM is deployed using the guest customization, you can either supply a password for the administrator user or have vCloud auto-generate a password.  The auto-generated passwords are 8 characters long and use upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters for example “q#Tv21*a”.  If the 8 characters is not long enough for you you can increase the character length by changing a field in the database.

In both the Oracle and SQL database there is a field in the CONFIG table called ‘AdminPasswordLength’, simply change this field to be any number that you would like your passwords to be generated with.

Something like this:

update config
  set value = 16  — required length
  where cat = ‘settings’ and name = ‘AdminPasswordLength’;

Just do not go over 64 characters as you may get some un-expected results in the OS you are customizing.

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