How I Get Things Done

Here are the programs and things that I need on a daily business to get my job done.

1. Instapaper – While reading blogs, security news and other information; I log the pages to instapaper.
2. Evernote – I have an AppleScript that takes items from Instapaper and places them into Evernote for later retrieval. I also use Evernote to keep wikis and other documents for easy search and access.
3. Skype – Great VoIP client and IM client, best of all it is secure where AIM, MSN and others are clear text.
4. iA Writer – One of the best writers that I have found for capturing thoughts, notes and blog posts. It is simple, slimmed down, and just works. It works with iCloud to keep all the docs in sync between my iDevices and Mac.
5. MindNode Pro – Before heading to iA Writer I mind map out my document in detail; mostly in order to get my thoughts in order.
6. OmniOutliner Pro – Once I have the mind map created I import it into OmniOutliner, where I can then edit the map, and add depth to the discussion points. From there I export it to a mark down file then into iA Writer for final editing.
7. MS Word – Once iA Writer has my document, I need to be able to put it a format that the tech writers can use. So to MS Word, for styling and final proof reading. 
8. OmniFocus – My GTD application, works great, I am able to use Apple Mail rules and formatting to put tasks in to OmniFocus remotely. OmniFocus also has great iDevice applications that allow for GTD on the go.
9. TextExpander – Working in a company that uses acronyms for everything, TextExpander allows me to type those acronyms and have them expanded for the final document.
10. SpiderOak – Securely keeps my machines in sync.

Other programs on my Mac that I use…

gfxCardStatus –  – Keeps tabs on my graphics card, for optimal battery life.
geektool – I have my RAM usage, network status and date on my desktop.
Adium – Best IM client for the Mac
Tweetbot – It may be in Alpha and crash sometimes, it is a blessing, compared to TweetDeck


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