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Removing the vCloud agent from ESXi hosts

In order to remove the vCloud agents from vSphere 5 hosts you need to execute the following command on the console:

esxcli software vib remove –n vcloud-agent

This can be ran by the PowerCLI or the vSphereCLI or on the SSH console with tech support mode enabled.

Reboot the hosts after this step to complete the removal.

Error in vCenter when creating a PvDC in vCloud Director

If your vCloud Director machine is on the same vCenter as the Compute Clusters are (not a best practice but it does work), you can not have the same vCloud Director machine name in vCenter as you named the vCloud installation during installation.

This will produce an error such as “The <PvDC Name> already exists.”

This is because vCenter Folders and Virtual Machines can not have identical names.  Can the host name be the same?  Sure!  You just can not have a VM Display name and a PvDC Name the same.

How do you fix it?

Rename the offending VM’s name (i.e. add -cell1 to the end) or drop the vCloud DB and re-run the installation to re-create the vCloud Instances name.

vCloud on ESXi with Lockdown mode

Can vCloud Director be installed with ESXi in lockdown mode?

The short answer is ‘No’…  But the longer answer is ‘Yes’.

To allow the vCloud agents to be installed on the ESXi host, lock down mode has to be disabled; BUT after the vCloud agents are installed feel free to lock it down again.

See with vCloud all answers have a but. 🙂

New Job…

Back in October (October 25th) to be more exact; I left my old company for VMware. Not that my previous employer wasn’t a good place to work I had just outgrown them and needed a new greener pasture to continue growing professionally.

My new role at VMware is as a Sr. Consultant with the vCloud Services Team. What does that mean exactly? In a nutshell I will be helping VMware customers plan, develop and deploy their own Private, Hybrid and/or Public Clouds.

I have not been posting to my blog as often as I desired or want to be able to do, due to the new job and learning my new role. Hopefully in the next few weeks you will see new posts and new items coming from me and possibly other posters in this space.