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Enabling SAML Providers in vCloud 5.1

As a system or organization administrator head to the ‘Administration’ page, and then the federation tab. Paste or upload the SAML configuration XML. Ensure the certificate at the bottom of the page is recent, if not click re-generate certificate. It will produce a certificate for 1 year.

After the certificate is re-newed enter this URL in to the web browser: cloud/org/[orgName]/saml/metadata/alias/vcd ; save the XML file on that page. This is the file you will need to provide the SAML or 3rd party authentication service with in order to authenticate you.

Now you have SSO or SAML or 3rd authentication, enabled on your organization. Once configured/enabled the Org login page will now use the SAML provider, meaning any local users will be locked out.

iOS 6 – Ad Tracking

You can disable (well limit) the ad tracking that is done in iOS 6. This setting turns off the ability for advertisers to use what is called the ‘Advertising Identifier’. This replaces the devices UUID which is a non-anonymous way of tracking usage. The advertising identifier is ‘anonymous’ (though further research needs to be done).

Here is how to disable the ability for advertisers to track you at all (once they move from the old deprecated UUID model).

  1. Fire up your iOS device
  2. Under Settings
  3. Find General
  4. Click on About
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Advertising’
  6. Set the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ to ‘On’

You are done. Now go forth, untracked from iOS ads (the Apple ones anyway).